Thursday, August 01, 2013

Emptiness Filled

There's a room in my heart
     Called loneliness.
There I spend my time;
Busy and active, I fill my day
Letting chaos litter my mind.
Meetings and spreadsheets,
     They define me,
But only as a way to run
So I don't have to admit to myself
This is a battle that cannot be won.
The vacuum in my soul
     Draws me deeper.
Constantly I feel the choke-hold
As it steals the air I take in
And the silence keeps secrets untold.
Breathless I beg,
     "Please save me...
Don't let me die alone."
I hear no reply and feel hopeless.
My plea echoes... and then it's gone.
Then one day He whispers, "Child,
     Come to me."
Angry, but hungry, I do.
Full of shame and hurt, I say,
"I don't want any more rules; just You."
He holds me sweet and gentle.
     Hope fills me.
Together we begin the plan
Of making big and small repairs inside me.
All the while He's holding my hand.
How easy He makes it seem
     Out of love.
Now I look back and try to measure.
What I gave up was just garbage,
And replaced it all with treasure.
Accepted - no more to hurt
     I'm a vessel
Full of love; not hate and pain.
Learning to earnestly love others,
Never to be alone again.

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