Thursday, August 01, 2013

Waiting for Trust

It was real,
In a sick sort of way.  I won’t deny that.
It worked hard to destroy me
But I begged the Lord to save me.
He answered me,
Through every minute of my days and hours,
Piece by piece he worked hard to heal me
The process nearly killed me twice.
Then I found you.
I’m sorry that I don’t fully understand being loved.
Yet, for me, it was no work to love you
But I want you to be sure.
I don't want to scare you.
I sometimes think my past coats me with tar
And it’s hard work for you to trust
So I try not to let it hurt me.
Because I know
It would not be fair to expect you to trust,
With my past and the past that worked hard to destroy you,
So I understand your fear.
For that reason, I will wait
Until you constantly catch me being faithful,
And see me working hard to guard our love.
I believe it’s worth the wait.

Because you are worth the wait.

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