Thursday, August 01, 2013

A Sleepy Song

Sleep sweet, my dear
For we have a lifetime of concerns
To weigh out tomorrow
Some dreams to dream
Some hopes to borrow
In your slumber
Learn to trust your heart once more
Dare to love again
Open your hurting soul
Let me kiss away your pain
So you can sleep in peace
Never in fear of the constant judgment
Now being very respected
Being seen as valuable
No longer being rejected
I touch your face as you sleep
And so diligently, I pray for your heart
That all the hurts from the past
And those things that haunt you
Would fade away at last
And I pray for myself
That I would somehow be worthy of your love
Not listening to cluttering noise
Always guarding our bond
Keeping out that which destroys
So sleep my love
And I will as well cuddled up so close
Gone is any anxiety or fear
As you dream tonight in peace
Knowing I love you, my dear

Waiting for Trust

It was real,
In a sick sort of way.  I won’t deny that.
It worked hard to destroy me
But I begged the Lord to save me.
He answered me,
Through every minute of my days and hours,
Piece by piece he worked hard to heal me
The process nearly killed me twice.
Then I found you.
I’m sorry that I don’t fully understand being loved.
Yet, for me, it was no work to love you
But I want you to be sure.
I don't want to scare you.
I sometimes think my past coats me with tar
And it’s hard work for you to trust
So I try not to let it hurt me.
Because I know
It would not be fair to expect you to trust,
With my past and the past that worked hard to destroy you,
So I understand your fear.
For that reason, I will wait
Until you constantly catch me being faithful,
And see me working hard to guard our love.
I believe it’s worth the wait.

Because you are worth the wait.

Emptiness Filled

There's a room in my heart
     Called loneliness.
There I spend my time;
Busy and active, I fill my day
Letting chaos litter my mind.
Meetings and spreadsheets,
     They define me,
But only as a way to run
So I don't have to admit to myself
This is a battle that cannot be won.
The vacuum in my soul
     Draws me deeper.
Constantly I feel the choke-hold
As it steals the air I take in
And the silence keeps secrets untold.
Breathless I beg,
     "Please save me...
Don't let me die alone."
I hear no reply and feel hopeless.
My plea echoes... and then it's gone.
Then one day He whispers, "Child,
     Come to me."
Angry, but hungry, I do.
Full of shame and hurt, I say,
"I don't want any more rules; just You."
He holds me sweet and gentle.
     Hope fills me.
Together we begin the plan
Of making big and small repairs inside me.
All the while He's holding my hand.
How easy He makes it seem
     Out of love.
Now I look back and try to measure.
What I gave up was just garbage,
And replaced it all with treasure.
Accepted - no more to hurt
     I'm a vessel
Full of love; not hate and pain.
Learning to earnestly love others,
Never to be alone again.