Wednesday, April 25, 2007

At Loss for Words

I was just going along
Doing my normal routine one day.
Pain and loneliness began seeking a soul
A frightful visit to pay.

It found me unawares,
Shot right through my body and into my spirit
The news that you would be around no more -
For awhile, I refused to hear it.

Funny that a word-person
Would be at loss for words
To describe something so real;
So tangible that it burns.

Are there words to describe,
Are there words that I know
That can explain this loss that I find
At having to let you go?

Maybe that’s where words are born,
When the body can hold it no more –
The pain inside seemed to explode,
The only escape for emotions to pour.

Or maybe that’s where heartache is born,
When the explosion happens within.
All too much, too soon to process
And the trembling begins again.

Oh, to have had one day with you,
Just you and I alone,
To tell you how much you were loved
And how you’ll be missed when you are gone.

Strange how we’re allowed to love so deep
Then have to let go after a time.
I love you dear, and miss you so much.
I'd rather say any word but "good-bye."