Sunday, March 09, 2008


UN-WANTED it said
Proudly displaying the head
Of the woman in town
Who'd been more than around.

UN-WANTED, the display
Portrayed her in the worst way.
Before she came clean
And began chasing worthy dreams.

UN-WANTED it called
To passers-by who stalled
To glance at the thing nailed
Displaying the dame frail.

UN-WANTED, indeed.
Folks so tired of her need.
Tired of her shame
Having to utter her name.

UN-WANTED she knew,
Yet not sure why it was true.
Feeling hate in every glance,
Grimacing at the force-kind dance.

UN-WANTED, how she tried,
Though, in this town, she can't hide.
Found to her dismay in this place
There was no thing of grace.

UN-WANTED, no promises to keep,
She walked to the highest peak,
Filling the hopes of all in town,
She would soon no longer be around.

UN-WANTED, eager for peace,
Begged God for forgiveness, at least,
"Pray something wants me," she finished in a hush,
"Down at the bottom lying in dust."

UN-WANTED she thought
But then embrace of Peace He brought
As He taught her of His love and care,
Of His grace despite opinions around there.

UN-WANTED no more
After a season of healing for sure
She searched sweet faces of the haunted
For the curse of the UN-WANTED.

“You are NOW WANTED,” she announced
To all the hurting girls in other towns.
“Like He freed me, He'll free you too.
Now come to Him to be renewed.”

UN-WANTED parchment hung on tree -
Now there for month three.
Someone asked about her one day.
"Think she left a fortnight ago," one did say.