Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Forgotten Traveler

Headed sure, I was,
Your way one day,
Then sun went down
The cold wind, trees swayed.

I hurried by an empty lot
Familiar in the day’s heat.
Yet this night in deep they held
Such evil I could not repeat.

The darkness there
Loomed such secrets of fright -
I felt I’d come
Between enemies in fight.


Hoping to go unnoticed
I stepped quietly by there,
Then suddenly I heard a noise...
Of me they were now aware.

Instead of letting me pass,
Evil & Evil joined together
To aim their bitter hatred at me,
Though I was not the offender.

Turned quickly then
When I could take no more
And soon lost my way,
No longer headed to your door.

Chasing me deep into the wood,
I ran, not even dressed for going out.
I fell through an icy creek
And had no strength to shout.

The two of evil laughed together,
Spewing clouds of sulfur, they did.
Patched up their wicked fight;
Then they went off as friends…

Looking up from your book
You peered into the night,
Thought of me then forgot again,
Sat and continued to read by firelight.