Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unexplained, She's Just Gone

I lay in bed sleepless tonight
As I ache for my love lost.
A love that was my very world,
And now I can find her nowhere.

The air tonight is restless,
Upsetting leaves and small twigs,
Battering them against my window,
Making certain I don’t slumber.

Then I hear a kindred soul,
A coyote in the dark and distance;
A long, low, lonesome call
Searching for his lost love.

I can see it now; the rain last month
Caused a mudslide as she hunted.
Her last thoughts were of him,
Then the soil burried her - just gone.

Is that the same for me, I wonder.
Where is my woman, my lover?
Fear floods me. Is she hurt, is she dead?
Our last touch was tender and sweet.

For two weeks now we've searched
I don't recall the last time I ate.
I'd be out there now, but exhaustion
Melts the marrow from my bones

"Why can't we find her?" I ask my pillow.
I loved that woman from deep inside my soul.
Brother beyond, I wish I could join you
In that long, lonesome, grieving howl.

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